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A Very Grand Pressigny

Reviewed – April 12, 2010

A blog that I’ve been meaning to review for a long time is Jean and Nick’s blog, A Very Grand Pressigny.

This blog tells the story of how, as Jean says, two people, having spent years exploring France by motorcycle, eventually decided to buy a holiday home there. The story now continues beyond the point where we bought the little house in Le Grand-Pressigny. It tells the tale of the doing-up and our holidays there.

Jean goes on to explain that she is at the age where most people are looking after their grandchildren – but she is still riding her Harley and wondering what to do with her life.

So, what can Jean and Nick tell us about the Loire (or Harley’s even?)

Well, it appears, quite a lot.

Across the Pond

Africantapestry – Welcome! Hope you see some artwork that pleases you, if not now, maybe next time…

An American in Sologne

Berry Deep France – Early mid-fortysomething journalist cum teacher cum musician trying to carve out an existence in deepest rural France – namely Bourges in the Cher.

Bienvenue Chez Moi

Reviewed – June 6, 2010

Let me tell you a story…

Are you sitting comfortably?

Yes, well then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time (actually twenty one years, four months and two days ago) a young American girl call Dedene moved to France.

That year (1989) was a very special one for the French people as it was the 200th anniversary of the founding of their republic.

The French celebrate their national day on July the 14th.

This just happened to be Dedene’s birthday.

So when the whole country went crazy with huge concerts, street parties, firemen’s balls and fireworks all over, the young Dedene thought it was all in her honour.

Well, perhaps it was and perhaps it wasn’t but whatever, it was only a short 19 years, 9 months and 26 days later before Dedene got round to starting her own blog – Bienvenue Chez Moi.

And, if you really want to see Dedene, back in the day, with her arm round a man with a seriously striped shirt, you could look no further than here!

By the way, Dedene doesn’t often mention mistaking France’s Bicentenaire of the founding of the Republic for a bit of a knees up in honour of her birthday – neither does she mention the man in the seriously striped shirt (I do wonder what became of him?)

And, somehow, I’m not surprised!

Days on the Claise

Reviewed – February 19, 2010

Now, I don’t want to say that Days on the Claise is a big blog but… for a blog that only been going since 2006, 889 posts is rather a lot of posts.

This is another of those blogs that I’ve been watching for a while, meaning to review but, never quite getting round to it.

Not the fault of the blog at all! More the fault of the lazy reviewer!

You see, there just aren’t any bad posts on this blog.

You can dive in anywhere and come up with something good; take a look at what I found…

Éminence Rouge

Reviewed – June 28, 2010

Now, Éminence Rouge is not actually a Life in France blog but I feel that it deserves inclusion here because of the immense amount of effort that Howard Copping (aka Abbé Henri Proust) has put into it. In any case, it make a change from all those Life in France blogs that seem to concentrate on Doog Poop in Paris, 2CVs in rural France, Lingerie and those incessant campaigns to make “Que je t’aime” the new French national anthem!

As it’s not a very personal blog, I asked Howard to say a few words about himself.

This is what he had to say… “We have a house in this very interesting little town of 2000 souls. The walled & moated ideal town of Richelieu is more or less unique in that it was built from nothing in the 1630s and has remained largely unchanged and unspoilt since that date. Although most of the building projects of the famous Cardinal in Paris (Palais Royale etc) and elsewhere have been overbuilt, much of this little town remains in its original state. Despite this heritage, the town is in a poor state, as the houses within the walls are generally too big and expensive for individuals to restore, but at the same time are too small individually to warrant the nationally-financed restoration they deserve.

Encounters of the French Kind – The French people are a unique kind, oh how I discovered! Either you love them or you hate them! Blissfully married to one and living in tranquility in Bel Air, Saint Maur, at the very heart of France. This blog expresses my experience, telling thoughts/

Fragments from France – The adventures and experiences of an American settling into a new life on her own in France.

l’Édition Française – I’m a freelance writer living in Orléans, France. I write here about French current affairs, politics, literature and my experiences being anglaise and living in France.

La douceur de vivre – Jenna – I am currently living in Tours, France where I am an English teaching assistant. I’m originally from Rockford, Illinois and recently graduated from Colorado State University.

Living the Life in Saint-Aignan

Reviewed – November 29, 2009

There are three reasons why I like Living the Life in Saint-Aignan so much!

The first is the author writes about food. Cooking it, eating it, buying the ingredients and, above all, enjoying it! You might almost think he was French the way he goes on about it!

Secondly, he goes mushrooming (or, at least he did this year), and writes intelligently and amusingly about his finds. That makes him out to be both French and an all round decent chap, just for that!

Finally, when I was 11 years old I went on holidays for 6 glorious weeks in the Loire Valley. I’ve always had a soft spot for that enchanted land – all those chateaux and all that water – so close to home!

The author of the blog (who really needs to change his name from Ken Broadhurst if he wants to really be mistaken for a Frenchman) says…. I’m an American from North Carolina who lives in France. I speak French and love French cooking, French history, the French language, and living out in the French countryside. My first stay in France was in 1970, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

My French Kitchen – Life in a kitchen is an everyday audition and Myfrenchkitchen is a telltale of my surrender to the failures, the successes, the hitches and pleasures, the philosophical talks  and the always joyous gatherings that life in a kitchen forks out.  It started off a long time ago before the age of blogs and internet and when we still living in South Africa. I have always had a kitchen book filled with drawings and sketches and notes and ideas and scribblings and short stories and half written recipes.   For my own enjoyment, but also for the sake of  our two daughters, Marinell and Liandri. To pass on to them.  They are now young women, living their lives outside of our french kitchen, but when they come to visit, we are all still very active in the delightful and mad chaos that has never left our kitchen in Montlouis sur Loire.

My unedited life in France – Hi, this is un unedited blog of my life and adventures in France as a foreigner. I say unedited because most of the time, it will be just random thoughts and experiences

My Year as an Assistant – Kristina – Not much to say… I like singing away to bad music when I’m driving, I have many, many outfits, all of which I wear with my awesome DMs, I can only drink decaf coffee (unfortunately), and I’m very nearly tri-lingual, though more often than not resort to Spanglish and/or Franglais rather than full coherent sentences in any language. I’m hoping that this year away will improve my (pretty meagre) French Skills, and bring some pretty awesome life experiences.

Our French Adventure – We (Kath, Roger and our Airdale Terrier Boudie) left the UK in May 09 to start a new life in France. We have settled in the very south of Touraine in the beautiful Creuse Valley. Our new home was, until 1992, a working farm and although much has changed since then – not least there being no more animals – much remains as it was. We have a beautiful farmhouse as well as several barns/outbuildings, some of which we plan to renovate into holiday properties. Our new life is an adventure. We are looking forward to learning to live in rural France, enjoying the countryside and living off the land and to discovering the beautiful region which is now our home.

Quasi French

Rozier’s Orléans Diary

Spit and Baling Wire

The American Frog – an American running a B&B and bar near Orléans

The Petite Coquine: Life, Love (& Cheese) in France – In 2006, at the age of 37, I met Patrice, the man who would soon become my husband. In March of 2007, I left my life, my job, my friends and my family back in Portland, Oregon and moved to the French countryside southwest of Paris. From an urban businesswoman to a rural ‘femme du foyer’, this has been the most joyful and challenging time in my life!

Un, Deux, Trois… Blog!


Reviewed – February 25, 2010

WCS is Walt’s blog which contains pictures and descriptions of life in rural France, some travels, and other stuff about him, his partner Ken, and their dog Callie.

WCS is a blog that was always going to find its way top my heart (or maybe that should read… my belly) as, out of the 1747 posts (yes, you did read that right! Walt defines the term, prolific blogger!) 174 of them are about Food and Cooking.

A yummy example is Côtes De Porc Au Fenouil. Mind you, if I was in a restaurant and had to choose between that and Tarte Tatin de Poireaux, I’d find it very had to choose which one to have.

In fact, to be honest, I’d probably be a pig and order them both!

Where in the world is gwannel sandiego? – Since starting the blog in 2006, I’ve lived in Prague, Moscow, London, northern France, Chamonix, Wellington, Auckland, Nice and now I’m setting up camp in Tours to continue my work as an itinerant preacher/

If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in Centre, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

 Centre   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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