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burgundy  Life in Burgundy   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLife in Burgundy is Sue’s blog about her life in Cormatin in Burgundy. Sue worked for a multi-national company for many years before moving to Burgundy in 2005 with her husband Cees.

They find that they have a slower but richer pace of life now although they run two gîtes and a very small campsite.

Sue blogs about many things but often comes back to what she admits is one of her favourite subjects – food. She loves trying out all regional dishes and writes well about them on Life in Burgundy.

For some tasty examples, take a look at… Boeuf Bourgignon or Chicken in Cream and then finish off with some Mulled Wine on a Sunday Afternoon.

Of course, the reason that this blog stands out for me is that there is an intelligent, thoughtful article on probably the Greatest rock and roller in the history of music, King of the crooners, God of the masses – yes, none other than the great and wonderful Johnny Hallyday!

Sue’s article, A Nation in Mourning explains why the the nation cares so much about Johnny’s health and asks the question.. what would happen should he die?

My guess is a Princess Diana outburst of national emotion and, I do have to say, I’d probably be up there  putting my wreath on the pile too!

As well as covering the serious national news, Sue’s blog also covers the equally serious local news; such as Bingo.

Now, whilst no true French man (or Frenchwoman, come to think of it), would suggest that Bingo is of quite the same importance and the health of Johnny Hallyday in the global scheme of things; in many rural communities in France, it does run a pretty close second!

The serious national (although I suspect that the Johnny crisis was really of international importance) and local news is balanced by the equally important sagas about cats, of which Cool Cats of Cormatin is probably a good example.

And, I do have to admit that whilst Little Fifi does look lovely, I also feel that Sue is at risk of receiving a letter from my two cats, explaining that all catz is cule but Breton cats is the culest!

Still, I really ought to let you find out for yourself.  So, pop down to sample a bit of Life in Burgundy and, perhaps take a Sunday Constitutional with Sue and Cees.  Just don’t blame miss you end up with Aching Feet!

Me, I’m going to help myself to a tiny wee Kir.  This is thirsty work, you know…….

All the best

burgundy  Life in Burgundy   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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