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Sophie’s Photography - Brittany

brittany  Sophie’s Photography   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceSophie’s Photography is one of my most treasured recent finds!

I came across Sophie a couple of week ago whilst just browsing and became immediately addicted.

It’s the quality of the photographs, you see….

It also helps that Sophie photographs the part of France that I have chosen to make my home, Brittany (where God comes for his holidays when he is bored with heaven!)

Sophie had this to say about herself by way of introduction…  “Sophie de Roumanie : I studied Fine Arts and Photography at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. in the 80’s. After several years of working and exhibiting my paintings on both sides of the Atlantic, I came back to Europe and settled in France.”

So, without further ado, let’s explore Sophie’s Photography…..

Words and pictures from Brittany…

Not only does Sophie take wonderful photographs but she  writes about their subjects with such style.

As an example, let’s visit le Mont Saint Michel to see what Sophie has to say.

Accompanying the 10 photographs, the following words are from her lengthy explanation of the place…. “The Mont Saint Michel is such an extraordinary place, that it is hard to describe it and write about it in a way that does it justice.  It certainly seems to be an enigmatic spiritual and mystical sanctuary. One can feel centuries of prayer within it’s walls. It is a hard place to leave and a fascinating place to visit, even when full of busy tourists.”

Now, my memories of le Mont Saint Michel are mainly of the contrast between the streets crowded with tourists and the quite, ancient and empty places that abound.

I really think that Sophie’s photographs have summed that up perfectly.

So, onto the Crozon Peninsula.

You know (and not a lot of people know this), God actually created the Crozon Peninsula purely for the benefit of photographers!

Yes, it’s true!

You just have to look at the 9 photographs on this post for proof!

Sophie also manages to mix in some history of the place with the stunning photographs.  I like that.

Further inland, there’s more history to be found at Locronan.

As Sophie explains… “in the 6th century, Ronan, and Irish monk and hermit came to the area. “Locronan” means “the place of Ronan”.”

I’m not sure why but this place always makes me think of my own birthplace  – Cornwall.

Strange that.

And Sophie’s photographs show Locronan at its out of season best; slightly haunting, the sort of place where you’d expect to find a Jamaica Inn or a Frenchman’s Creek?

Words about pictures….

Sophie understands that It’s all about getting that shot, isn’t it?

She explains… “I love taking photographs, and taking the shots I take. But I want to do better. Always. So I enjoy getting out there and I can’t help smiling when people stare at me as though I’m nuts, standing by the side of a road in a ditch full of squishy mud, in the dawn fog. If that is where a potential photograph is, then that’s where I have to be!”

And if it means getting wonderful misty morning photographs like these than all I can say is…  “Get yourself in that ditch full of squishy mud, girlie!”

Moving swiftly on…

The tourist guide….

As well as being a fantastic portfolio for her photography,  Sophie’s Photography is also a wonderful tourist guide.

So what Sophie has to say about Tréguier la belle“If you ever decide to visit Brittany, be sure to stop off in Tréguier.  Located at the place where the Jaudy and the Guindy rivers meet, Tréguier is only 6 kilometers away from the northern coast of Brittany, in the area of the Trégor.  The town owes its name to the Welsh monk Tugdual who established a monastery and was later consecrated bishop in 545 . Tugdual became one of the 7 founding saints of Brittany.”

There do seem to be a lot of monks who’ve visited Brittany, don’t there?

I suppose it’s only natural – after all it is the closest place to heaven that you’ll find on earth!

And what about Dinan on the Rance River?  If that’s not heaven then I’m not sure what is?

Certainly no visit to Brittany would be complete without a visit to La Pointe du Raz!

It’s a place of legend.  Sophie explains that… “Legend has it that the bodies of seafarers would be washed up on the beach of the neighboring bay called the “Baie des Trépassés”. The Baie des Trépassés sits between the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van. Today, this bay is popular with surfers.”

Also legendary is the Wonderful Castel Meur!

I’d love to live in that little house!

And, for one last post (before I get too carried away!) let’s go back to the woods In the Huelgoat Forest by the Silver river, Finistère.

Those woodland scenes:  Sophie’s Photography at its best?

Difficult to say, really.

You see all of Sophie’s Photography is her photography at its best!

So, summing up….

If I were you I’d pour a glass of wine and head over to Sophie’s Photography.

Luxuriate in the fantastic photography and dreams of life in Brittany, the place they used as a template, when they were designing heaven!

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