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brittany  Quelvehin Alpagas   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI thought it was about time for another review of a blog based in the part of France that I have chosen to call home –  Brittany.

I hunted around for an interesting blog by someone (anyone, in fact) who is based in Brittany and isn’t totally mad.

After 27 hours I gave up and decided to review a blog about some Quelvehin Alpagas who happen to live in Brittany.

Quelvehin Alpagas is the blog of  a bunch of Alpagas (I think they probably have got some tame humans to type up the blog – but then again, finding a tame human in Brittany is probably as easy as finding a sane human in Brittany…)

I have heard a rumour that a guy called Steve generally types up this blog (although his wife, Jayne, is sometimes allowed to as well, apparently), but the Alpaga who told me that did ask that I protected his anonymity!

When I first arrived at the blog I thought I might be too late!

I read the post entitled Mystery Plague wipes out Entire Herd and feared the worst!

And looking at the photos, it did appear that something rather nasty had happened!

But then I realised that whilst Steve… “in the heat of the afternoon was dashing around, hoovering the paddocks,checking water,fetching hay and all the other jobs to keep the little darlings happy and healthy. Sweat dripping from my brow,and what are they doing?

Sunbathing, bloody sunbathing!”

What was I saying about sane people in Brittany?

Alpagas do like to Sun Worship, it appears.

Personally I think it’s lovely that Chaucer likes to practice his…  “‘dying fly’ pose on his back with four legs in the air completely oblivious to anything around him.”

I do it all the time!

The having sex and having babies bits…..

Apparently, to get to the having babies bits, you need to do the mating bits first (the things I learn whilst reviewing sites for A Taste of Garlic!)

So, let’s gets straight down to it!

On your knees and follow this link if you want to look at some photos of Matings!

They don’t seem to be shy – It’s all in a day’s work (warning, there’s another one at it in that post!)

And then, At last – a baby!

And it’s a boy!

Oh, the joys of motherhood!

I think I need to have a quick lie down!

The cute as cute can be bits….

So, Alpagas are cute.

Through a  process of Darwinian evolution they have, as a species, evolved to be cute and, in this, are among a select group of mammals who tend to get more treats than others.

Think about it; you stroke a cat in exactly the same way that you don’t pet an alligator!

You chuck a fish at a playful dolphin just as you wouldn’t chuck one to a squid!

Take a look at Hope, All legs and raincoat, and tell me she’s not cute.

And what about shy Reglisse who had to be delivered to her potential suitor in a wheelbarrow?

In cuteness stakes, and another one has to be the tops…

On Elodie’s Birthday there’s a poser who looks pretty photogenic too and take a look at the top picture (of Hannah and Hope) in A Few Days Off.

So, summing up….

Do, for once, a review about a Life in France blog that doesn’t mention dog poo in Paris or lingerie wearing nuns driving 2CVs…

And, some might say, all the better for it?

Surprisingly, for a blog based in Brittany, there is a plea for rain!

Oh Please let it Rain! is something that you don’t often hear people asking for in this part of the world!

They’re most often complaining that It never rains but it pours!

In Brittany, we are not unused to being Washed out!

If that intrigues you, perhaps you should visit Quelvehin Alpagas to find out how some rather happy Alpagas are Living the Dream?

And me?  Well, I’m  going on a Walkabout.

Hopefully I’ll find some Dangerous Ferocious Animals to talk to!

Care to join me?

All the best

brittany  Quelvehin Alpagas   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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brittany  Quelvehin Alpagas   because we all love reading blogs about life in France Brittany Today

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