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brittany  Permaculture in Brittany   because we all love reading blogs about life in FrancePermaculture in Brittany is another blog about sustainable living.  This sort of approach to life interests me and is, of course, far easier to do if you live in Brittany rather than, for example, Peckham or Newham.

Stuart and Gabrielle’s blog about their lives in the Côtes d’Armor is witty, well written and full of interesting content.  It isn’t categorised but, that just makes you want to dive in and find those articles that might be of interest.

Like all good blogs, there are articles about mushrooming; this is one blog that’s dying to be converted into a book – really!

There’s more information on this site than in most books you’ll find in your local bookshop or library.

I have to admit that I’d never really been interested in Broody Hen Behaviour and other Chickeny Mysteries but….

after finding their article about that fascinating disease (I think I suffered from that when I was 8 – or was that ChickenPox?), I was transfixed!

Mind you, I am of the mind that most chicken problems are solved by chucking half a lemon up their bums (with a nice head of Garlic, as well) and then 20 minutes per pound (plus 20 minutes on top), in the oven!

Although there aren’t that many articles about cooking on this blog, they do redeem themselves with an excellent 3 part article about making cider (or should that be cidré), cunningly entitled… How to make Cider – Part 1,  Part 2, The Apple Strikes Back and Part 3, Return of the Apple!

And that sort of sums up this blog – loads of really good relevant information, all delivered in a witty and intelligent manner.

So, if you have a chicken who is suffering from Broody Hen Behaviour, or even a Dog or Cat that looks like it might be coming down with that – why not take a look at Permaculture in Brittany to see if they can offer any advice (mind you, I still think half a lemon up the bum and 20 minutes per pound is a good way to go – however, your Tibbles or Rover, or even your chickies might disagree!)

All the best

brittany  Permaculture in Brittany   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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