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brittany  One + One = 4 A French Way of Life   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceOne + One = 4 A French Way of Life is a blog that I’ve been trying to review since forever (or, for rather a long time, anyway!)

For some reason though, I’ve never actually got round to it!

So today is a good day for me – I get to finally review one of my favourite Life in France blogs.

As Morgane is French I thought that perhaps I’d find out….

All about French women….

And, I thought, the best place to start is to ask that age old question; the one that stumped Indiana Jones, the one thing that is more confusing that Fermat’s Last Theorum, something so complex it make the question of life, the universe and everything look rather like a Christmas cracker riddle….

Yes, you’re right; the one thing that no man has ever been able to work out…. What a woman’s bag hides!

Let’s see what Morgane has got to say… No, on second thoughts you’ll have to read the list yourself; I’d choose a rainy afternoon (or perhaps two?)  The only thing that I don’t understand is… what is a cheetah emery board?

Moving swiftly on….

If you’re a man and you’re hoping to discover The truth about French women you’ve probably come to the wrong place. All I can work out from Morgane is that “French women know what style is from their first day on Earth” and that, under certain lights, she looks… “like a crazy cow!”

Moving swiftly on….

So, just as I thought I might be starting to understand French women, just a little bit, Morgane confuses me to eternal confloundering when she says that…. “I just want this almond soap from Ladurée  – not to use it under the shower but to put it in my closet : my clothes will smell this fanstastic macarron fragance!”

Soap in the cupboard – they’re mad, these women things!  Totally mad!

And gentlemen… unless you’ve spent the last twenty years being Kylie Minogue’s lingerie fitter (I did apply for that job; quite a few times, in fact!), in which case you’ll probably know a little something about creatures of the female persuasion, don’t even think about trying to work out what Morgane is talking about in  Luxe is Nuxe!  I think that it may be something to do with liniment?  It it could be to do with that stuff we used to oil our cricket bats with?

And, as for Parfum, I  haven’t got a clue!  These women really do speak another language – I’m sure they just make it up as they go along.

Fashion and beauty and all those other things that I have absolutely no idea about!

Where to start?  Well, obviously, Morgane is a beauty but… when she asks “Do you like my Cheetah hair?” I’ve got to wonder if it’s got anything to do with that cheetah emery board that we found in her bag?

And talking about bags (were we?  I suppose it’s a subject that all women get round to sooner or later?), Morgane appears to have a cruel dilemma when she can’t decide which bag to buy.  For the gentlemen readers of A Taste of Garlic (who are probably as confused as me!), I understand, from carfeul study, that women find that… “Every season to come is a reason to buy a new bag which will reflect the “humeur de la saison”” Now, like you, I haven’t got the faintest idea what that means – it just sounds expensive, n’est pas?

It didn’t really help when I read Spring Essentials.   Now, my idea of Spring Essentials is a new pair of Longjohns and a bar of carbolic soap (and, believe me, I make both of them last!)  For Morgane, though, her Spring Essentials consist of… “my big sunglasses , my perfume ,a red lipstick for drama look, a good scarve ( a have a love affair with cheetah print) , my nuxe lipbalm , my cup of coffee ( espresso per favore) , the book I’m reading and so many things!”

All I can say is… Wow, that’s a lot of essentials!

There are plenty of posts about fashion matters that don’t really matter to a man like me whose only fashion concerns are to do with my Longjohns; and then it’s just to make sure… “Yellow patch at front and brown smear at the back!”

If you’re a woman (or the sort of man who has spent the last twenty years being Kylie Minogue’s lingerie fitter – why, oh why, didn’t I get that job?), you may want to look at Monday Fashion (1) or  Monday Fashion (2) or Monday Fashion (3) or Fashion Saturday.

And, if that doesn’t rattle your pipes, you could always take a peek at Back to school in fashion mood or Outfit of the day!

So, what’s a nice girl like Morgane doing in a place like Brittany? I hear you ask….

Well, I’ll have you know that all girls in Brittany are nice.  Even the naughty ones are nice (but, in a different way!)

And anyway, if you were born in a beautiful place like this, would you even consider the merest possibility of ever moving away?  Ni moi!

And spending your holidays in Our house in the middle of… Certainly beats Bognor, doesn’t it?

Talking of holidays, what about spending time in places like Dinan or St. Malo?

There’s even (and I’ve not spent enough time there myself to either prove or disprove this), Life in Rennes!

You know, Galileo scientifically proved that Brittany is the natural centre of the universe – then they burnt him at the stake (or was that Copenicus?  I always was crap at history!  Perhaps I’m thinking of that Jacques de Molay chap?) and this blog kind of proves that theory to be true!

À la plage…….

Could you show me the way to the next sandy beach?

Non, pourquoi pas?

It is a generally known fact the beaches in Brittany are judged to be the finest in the world!

I’m not so sure how they measure things like that but I do rather believe that one of the judges was, in fact, a Breton!

Take, as an example, this gorgeous beach seen during A weekend at Kerlouan.

What more could you want?

Morgane asks… “Do you know Brittany” but really, if you have to ask, if you’ve never walked hand in hand along a Breton beach at sunset and then returned to a harbourside bar to eat oysters washed down with muscadet;  well, then you’ll never understand.

I do have it on good authority (and not a lot of people know this..),  that God himself comes to Brittany for his holidays; when he gets bored of heaven and fancies a decent Fruits des Mer, that is!

So, summing up…..

I’d implore, beg you and even bribe you to visit One + One = 4 A French Way of Life

Actually, could you forget that last effort; I’m not sure that I can afford to bribe anyone at the moment – you’ll just have to make do with me imploring you and begging you to visit  One + One = 4 A French Way of Life

But hey, you shouldn’t need much persuasion because it’s one great, great blog!

My only tiny criticism is that the lovely Morgane doesn’t blog often enough – probably too busy buying bags and perfume and doing all that other girlie stuff?

And me?  Well, I’m going to sneak in and see if I can help myself to that Pink and Green Verrine.

That’ll stop me getting Grumpy – I’m sure!

All the best

brittany  One + One = 4 A French Way of Life   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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brittany  One + One = 4 A French Way of Life   because we all love reading blogs about life in France Brittany Today

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