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brittany  La Cheshire Cat   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLa Cheshire Cat is, according to the label on the tin… “A Single Mum’s struggles, gaffes and triumphs dealing with the gaucherie that is French Bureaucracy”

But, of course, it’s really much, much more than than.

La Cheshire Cat follows on from Kitty’s old blog at kittychat.blogspirit.com and

I can tell that Kitty is a bit of a foodie.

Really, the links on the sidebar of her rather pink blog did give this away but…

Posts like this helped confirm my suspicions; Tartiflette (or, as we know it chez nous… Fartiflette!)

Or, what about some End of the month soup (which could be eaten all month long!  I particually liked the last part of the recipe… Humour is your best weapon. Laugh at your difficulties in the face, if nothing else, it makes you feel a bit better. Well, it seems to work for me! – essential, really!)

Or, even a bite of  Fairly foolproof chicken curry (although nothing is foolproof when I get in the kitchen!)

But, La Cheshire Cat isn’t just a collection of recipes.  Although food is obviously very important to all right minded bloggers (or, to me it is anyway.)

I’m going to be naughty and quote from one of the articles… Chicken Tebee.  I just love these snippets of kitchen conversation….

“Mummy… what is that you are making?”

“It’s something special for dinner, baby, you’ll like it, you had it before.”

“Is it with the octopus? I like the octopus thing, with the tenti… testic… te”

Tentacles, sweetie.”


“What’s the squiggly bits?”

“That’s how Vire does it, sweetie, in Guémené the intestines are pulled inside each other so it makes concentric circles and then it’s boiled, baked, smoked, baked, smoked…etc until it’s done.”

Intestines?” she still queries.

“Pig guts,” her sister helpfully explains.

Now, in my humble opinion, a kitchen is not a kitchen unless it echoes with conversations like that!

Some of the food must come from the Tuesday Morning Market at Mûr de Bretagne and…… am I the only one who thinks the last photo may have just been taken from inside a bar?  If I’m right that means that Kitty is a blogger after my own heart!

There’s a brilliant article about The Best Living Will…. Ever! which, I do have to say, does contain a lot of references to food.

There’s also the obligatory article about Lingerie (leather suspenders, in this case) – as no Life in Brittany blog is complete without an article about Lingerie!  This one cleverly manages to mix in the Falklands War, The Rolling Stones and the Toxteth Riots whilst still managing to mention oven-baked chicken breast, covered with Bisto gravy… Now, that takes real skill, that does!

So, if you’re in the mood for some leather suspenders, some great recipes or just a casual browse into Kitty’s life in Brittany, please take a look at La Cheshire Cat.

Please be aware that not every blogger in Brittany has a leather suspender fetish.  Well, I do (and obviously, Kitty does) but …. I’m sure that we’re probably in the minority!  One would like to think so, anyway!

Oh, by the way…  Kitty has opened a bar.  I wonder if it’s going to be a theme bar – I do hope so, it’s about time I got my leather suspenders out again!

All the best

brittany  La Cheshire Cat   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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