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brittany  Galloping Gourments   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceGalloping Gourments is the blog of a girl called… Galloping Gourmets!

I’m not sure I’m all that partial to parents calling their offspring by weird and wonderful names;  I can’t remember if it was David Bowie or Frank Zappa that started the craze but I suppose it’s better to be called Galloping rather than Zowie or Moonchild?

Having said that, I spent the first 16 years of my life believing that my first name was You smelly b*stard, so who am I to comment?

Moving swiftly along….. Galloping Gourmets (who, for the sake of brevity I will call GG from now on.  Actually, as you will see,  GG is quite a suitable name for her!) says of herself… I was born in South West England and came to Central Brittany, France nearly 10 years. I live in a quiet rural area surrounded by peaceful and beautiful countryside. I live with my partner Mr Tomato King, 2 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat and 3 hens.”

I suppose that if you’re born with a name like Galloping, it’s likely that you’ll end up with someone who’s been christened Tomato King?

Enough of this silly names business; let’s get on with the review….

Anyone called GG is likely to like horses, no?  Well, this GG has got two; an Appaloosa called Idille who they call Dill and a chestnut Selle Francais called Anna (or Noopy?)

You can read more about these horses at the aptly named… My Horses.  For the true aficionados there is also a post about Appaloosa Horses and another about “Selle Francais” Horses.

Enough of the waffle; where’s the food?

GG has thoughtfully lumped some Starter Recipes together.  They all look pretty good and I really couldn’t choose between them so… I’ll have to have the lot!

I did salivate over the Smoked Salmon Pasta Bake.  That’s a dish that everyone really should be able to do (you can change the choice of fish, obviously) and GG’s recipe was simple and straight to the point.  The spinach idea is clever and probably sets this dish off.

There are even some Veggie Recipes for people who, like GG, don’t like to eat meat.  Whilst I’m a committed carnivore, I do appreciate vegetables and am quite happy to go meat free every now and again.  GG’s recipe for Gratin of Courgettes and Tomatoes is something I’ll be trying out, assuming, of course, that ou courgettes and tomatoes play ball.

The Chicken Cacciatore looks pretty nice as well.  Obviously this is a dish to threaten the chickies with!

And talking of chickies; let’s have a look round the garden…

And talking of chickies,  GG has four chickies called Delia, Marilyn, Nigella and Clarissa.  They have a Chicken Run that vies with mine for the title of poshest chicken run in Brittany!

If that is a confusing statement then you need to take a look at BretonDiary.com for examples of my chickies’ chateau and estate!

Then there is the Vegetable Garden which looks very posh indeed!  Now GG’s recipe for Gratin of Courgettes and Tomatoes makes sense!

I especially like the herb wheel and will have to try and copy that myself.

In a recent Mothers’ Day post, GG shows us some photos of her lovely garden.  Now, even I might be tempted to be a vegetarian if our garden produced like hers!   Give it time (and lots of sunshine!)

Sunshine, but this is a blog about life in Brittany?

Yes, maybe but, the sun does sometimes shine in Brittany!  Just not always when you expect it too!

In May GG was even able to say It’s Hot! She even managed a couple of BBQs!  Lucky girl!  Whenever I even start to consider the remotest possibility of having a BBQ, the sun disappears and the rain clouds gather!  But then, Brittany is rather a big lace and we do have a special micro-climate in my part!

And, talking of Brittany,  GG take us for a little tour of her part of Brittany.   I know that area quite well and agree that it is a lovely place to live.

GG shows us her house and the beautiful views from it – isn’t that a little bit of heaven?

And, once of the most interesting places to visit in Brittany has got to be the Motor Museum at Loheac.  You could quite happily spend all day there looking at the cars and making Brmm Brmm noises.  Well, I could, at least!

So, Summing up….A delightful blog with a real emphasis on good eating.  If you’re hungry for this sort of thing you really should pop in and have a bite at Galloping Gourments!

And me?  Well, I’m going to take a nose around GG’s Kitchen.  I’m not sure what I’ll find but, to be honest, pretty much everything looks good!

All the best

brittany  Galloping Gourments   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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