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Counys in France - Brittany

brittany  Counys in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceCounys in France is Michelle’s blog.

Michelle introduces the blog by saying that she is… “An English girl, yorkshire born, but with Jamaican roots! Married to a Frenchman and now living in France with our 2 little children. After 8 years of living and working in Bath, South West England we moved back to Lannion, Brittany in July 2010. This is where we first met almost 10 years ago when we were both on work placements from University. Francois came back to England with me in 2001 to look for work while I finished my degree. He settled in Bath and I joined him once I graduated. We married in Bath in 2006 and started our little family in 2008.”

brittany  Counys in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThe blog starts off in July 2010 with 24 hours to go…. and Michelle getting absolutely fed up with people asking her… “Are you all packed?”

Packed or not, the family arrive in France (or Brittany to be exact; and we all know that Brittany is not really France, it’s better than that!) after Le Voyage! to have a nice French breakfast at Mc Dos before the 1st visit to the new house.

Settling in and starting off…

Before long everyone is settling in… although there are the usual problems with… “some appliances with french plugs, some with english, and then trying to work out whether to change the plug, use an adaptor or use a french or english gang socket!”

C’est la vie!

In French Supermarkets Michelle has a lovely rant about supermarket trolleys.

The problem is, apparently, that French supermarket trolleys don’t accommodate more than one child.

Which, I guess, is a problem if you have two?

Before to long the family is off paying their First visits to the beach.

And they are certainly spoiled for choice!

I may be a bit biased but I do have to say that Brittany has some of the bestest beaches in the whole wide world (at least, the civilised parts of it.)

The bits about Max….

Max takes his first starring role in the blog in August in Baby Max.

Four months old and he’s already learnt how to roll; it can’t be long before he learns how to rock as well!

I won’t mention that he’s got rather good at biting his sister’s fingers and pulling her hair because that’s what little brothers are for!

Two months later he reappears when Michelle says 6 months – how time flies!

He has learnt how to sit up and he loves the TV.

Am I alone in thinking that he looks like a young Danny Blanchflower?

Another two months later and we find Max on the move and the whole house is being MaxProofed!

And then it’s time to find a Childminder for Max 🙁

Luckily the next door neighbour is a registered childminder who is happy to look after Max every Wednesday for an hour and a half.

I just hope that she doesn’t put any nasty thoughts into his head and try to persuade him to become a Rennes supporter – you have to watch out for things like that!

And finally Michelle can say My little boy is 9 months old.

And I’m sorry I said that I thought he looked like a young Danny Blanchflower.

My mistake!

Just look at that cheeky grin!

He’s the spitting image of a young Gary Mabbutt!

The bits about Laila….

I think that Laila will be rather happy to hear that I don’t think she looks anything like Danny Blanchflower.

Although there is a touch of Osvaldo Ardilles about her?

In Laila’s first day at Ecole Maternelle she looks happy enough.

And even her 1st Check Up passed well!

And so it’s off to Gym Class for her!

Although she didn’t like some of the games there, as Michelle recounts she… “just stood there with a fed up look on her face, and her arms sagging (like Kevin the teenager!) saying “mummy i’m not singing”, “mummy i’m not dancing”!”

That’s my girl!

And soon it’s Playgroup success!

And new friends are made.

Snow in Brittany (and Christmas too!)

When I first moved to Brittany (where it is rumoured that God comes to for his holidays when he is bored with heaven), an estate agent (who had been featured on A Place in the Sun) told me that, because of its special micro-climate, it never snows in Brittany.


In Snow in November ?! Michelle mentions that it hadn’t snowed in Brittany in November for 30 years!

It seemed that it was making up for lost time!

For, in More snow and some refugees in Lannion the snow gets so bad that, when Grandma and Grandad came up to visit they  got stuck there all week as the roads home were too dangerous or closed!

And it gets worse!

In School Holidays (again) and yet more snow! the snow is turning into ice and Michelle has to collect Laila from school on foot.

Never mind, it’ll soon be Christmas and, lo and behold, it is and the proof is in Our Christmas in pictures.

And you know what, when I saw the picture of Laila hanging up her stocking I felt a tad nostalgic when I had a Christmas stocking as big as myself!

The year ends with La Galette des Rois and a tale of a friend who didn’t understand the Breton way of serving it!

Quelle Horreur!  She deserves to be banned from Brittany for life!

So, summing up….

Counys in France is a family blog.

It details the recent move to Brittany of a young couple and their two children.

The posts, whilst being focussed (I think) upon family and friends back in England, have got a lot of good common sense and useful information that could be of great value to any young family moving to France.

And the kids look like fun, as well!

I’d heartily recommend that you pay a visit to Counys in France

Check out how Max and Laila are getting on but do make sure that you don’t get snowed in there – and become refugees in Brittany.

Not, of course, that it ever snows in Brittany!

And me?  Well, I’m going to practise my Language Skills.

And with that, I’ll use Michelle’s own words to say…. “I think it’s time for me to say Au Revoir, Adieu, Arriverderci, Auf Wiedersen and Good-Bye till next time…”

All the best

brittany  Counys in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By Michelle, February 18, 2011 @ 11:05 pm

    Dear Keith
    I have just found this review, thank you for being so kind! I am trying my best to write more about France and Brittany, but am glad you find my children entertaining too!!
    I enjoy yours just as much!

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