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4 Beds in Brittany – I moved from America to France with my Australian husband, our daughter and a thousand French dictionaries in August 2005.  This is about my life in Brittany; from struggling with learning French to coping with bureaucracy challenges, enjoying French traditions, food and wine and the trials and tribulations of having a Bed and Breakfast…4 Beds in Brittany – check out www.leruisseau.mysite.com

A Bitch about Brittany

Reviewed – January 26, 2010

A Bitch about Brittany is Gillian O’ Donovan’s blog about her life in Brittany. Gillian describes herself as an ex-Londoner living in rural Brittany, France, for the last 18 years, with her family and far too many animals and wood stoves.

The ramblings on her blog, some of which are cross, are about life in the countryside, and how to cope when your high heels are replaced by clogs.

But then, that’s what we all blog about, isn’t it? How to cope when your high heels are replaced by clogs? I know that I do!

A gardening life in Brittany

Reviewed – August 16, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I’m biased towards Brittany blogs?

Sometimes I think it’s the other way round and I spend too much time perusing the blogs of those naughty, mad, bad people who live in Paris (I am speaking generally and I do know that there are always exceptions to every rule and NOT EVERYONE who lives in Paris is naughty, mad or bad.)

And, for the sake of Geographic Democracy I often consider spending more time looking for new blogs in Provence or Poitou-Charentes or the Pyrénées even?

All of which is meant as a reservedly non-apologetic introduction to A gardening life in Brittany which, in case you hadn’t guessed by now, is a Brittany Blog!

A New Life in France – When I searched the internet for practical help on how to get started on life In France, I didn’t find much, so I decided to start this blog. I want to try to attract helpful information from others, and equally to share things that I learn as I go, because anyone moving here will need some help! Since starting this blog I’m starting to stumble across a few useful sites, and I’m adding the links as I find them. I moved to France with my daughter a week before the wedding to my french husband Pierre, who I met on the internet. I was 32 weeks’ pregnant. Pierre and I married on 31st October, Hallowe’en, 2009, and I was made very welcome by all his friends. The sun shone all day, and we went to an impromptu Hallowe’en party afterwards, which pleased my daughter Jemima, 10, who had misunderstood and thought that the wedding party would be a costumed extravaganza at our house! Since then, our new daughter, Margot, was born (in January 2010), another great event that went very smoothly. This blog will follow events as I try to get the ordinary things right. This is something I’m horrified to find that I’m finding incredibly difficult…

An English Artist in Brittany

Reviewed – March 18, 2010

I’ve been looking forward to doing Caroline (of An English Artist in Brittany fame) for a long time now.

Purely in a blog review sense, you understand.

The problem has been that, every time I’ve looked in on her blog, she’s been over in Lancashire where, as we all know, The Rain, It Raineth Every Day (a bit like Brittany then?)

An English Rose in France

Reviewed – December 29, 2009

An English Rose in France is Rosalyn’s blog.

Rosalyn is one of my neighbours in down-town Southern Brittany and I used to work at the same abattoir as her husband Paul and their two sons Mike and Dan.

Rosalyn and Paul are friends of George East, the bearded vest wearing local author whom I interviewed all those yonks ago.

But, please don’t let that put you off!

Rosalyn writes about life on the Half Acre Farm, her animals, her family, cooking and, of course, her new grandson – the incomparable Kenzo!

At Home in Brittany

Reviewed – October 20, 2010

Well, I promised you two posts from the land of the eternal rain (and cowpats the size of Basingstoke) and here is the second (I’ve got a feeling I’ll be heading south for tomorrow’s review – it’s getting a little bit nippy up here!)

So, without further ado, I’d like to present…. At Home in Brittany!

At Home in Brittany is Tony and Anne’s blog. This is what they have to say about themselves… “In 2002, retiring early from our respective careers, we moved to Brittany to pursue the lifelong dream of living in France. For many years we had enjoyed holidays in various regions of France, but the beauty of Brittany, the variety of terrain and the friendly nature of the inhabitants made it an easy choice for the next phase of our life.”

Beka’s Gret French Adventure – I am a 2010 graduate of American University spending 7 months in France as a high school English teaching assistant. Born and raised in Maine, I am highly independent and I am looking forward to immersing myself in another culture.

Blucamels in Brittany

Reviewed – December 9, 2009

Blucamels in Brittany is Blu’s blog. It is, at the same time, a photo-blog, wordplay blog and an introduction to French.

Blu takes excellent photographs and has recently rediscovered painting.

Her blog mixes her photos with her new paintings with not quite random quotes, all tempered with her quirky view on life, art and nature.

It’s difficult to describe what makes Blucamels in Brittany so special. The only way that I can explain it is that, hours (or even days), after having read a blog posting there, it is still with you.

Or, and this is slightly spooky, you see something; in the street, in the woods, through the car windscreen and wonder “where have I seen that before?” For me, it’s often Blucamels in Brittany – that’s where I’ve seen that before.

Box Elder

Reviewed – February 16, 2010

Box Elder is one of those blogs that I keep stumbling over, making a note to take a good look at, and then totally forgetting to do so!

This is a bit strange as Lucy (the blog’s owner/keeper) is based in Brittany just as I am. But then, Brittany is a big place!

It’s almost impossible to categorise Box Elder; it’s not a photo blog although posts such as I started early – took my dog are poetry in images.

Then again, in A Cheery Subject, there are no pictures: but then, the words paint a picture all of their own.

Breizh Bretagne Llydaw Brittany

Reviewed – February 16, 2010

Breizh Bretagne Llydaw Brittany is Rhian’s photoblog. Rhian lives in the Morbihan department of Brittany.

You need to dig deep into this blog in order to determine Rhian’s character. We know that she likes cheese… Plenty of Choice and that she has a Une Petite Terrasse.

We learn that she likes Early Mornings and Mushrooms and that there’s a Well not far from where she lives.

And you know, I like that.

For a writer, it’s very important to become absent so that the readers can immerse themselves in the content. Perhaps it’s the same for a blog?

breton blog – renovating in brittany

Brittany Gites near Dinan – British owner, Caroline Haycox, running a complex of 5 rural gites near Dinan in Brittany, France.

Breton Diary

Reviewed – November 24, 2009

I suppose I really ought to mention my own blog…. www.BretonDiary.com

I started this when I realised that it would be far easier (and not to say cheaper), to create an on-line diary to let my family and friends know what was happening in my new life in France rather than sending loads of photocopied letters once every couple of months.

Although the blog has changed an awful lot over the years, the basic premise has remained the same – to let people know what’s happening and to share the new things, about my new life, that I seem to discover almost every day.

Over the last three years I have met many new people through my blog and made many new friends.

Brittany Bird

Reviewed – December 31, 2009

Brittany Bird is MichieMole’s blog about life in, of all places, Brittany!

MichieMole was born in Guernsey, moved to the UK to study at a college, spent some time living in Brazil, met her husband whilst in Texas for a time then moved to France to the magical Minervois and married in the village where she lived for 6 priveleged years.

Along the way she acquired 3 abandoned kitties and moved north to Southern Brittany in Nov 2008.

Brittany Bird contains posts as diverse as Eating at the Mole Place and The Weather Myth.

Brittany Blues

Reviewed – October 18, 2010

Brittany Blues is Wendy Mewes’ blog about her life in Brittany.

And this is what Wendy has to say about herself.. “Here I am in Finistere, Brittany, France. What am I doing? Writing books, walking, guiding, teaching, promoting Breton heritage to anglophones and being happy in my own odd way. I run Brittany Heritage Services, a business devoted to improving the provision of information for anglophone visitors and residents in Brittany (www.brittanyheritageservices.com).”

I’ve sort of been aware of Wendy for some time as I occasionally pop into BrittanyWalks.com and the associated blog The Brittany Walks Blog.

Counys in France

Reviewed – January 13, 2011

Counys in France is Michelle’s blog.

Michelle introduces the blog by saying that she is… “An English girl, yorkshire born, but with Jamaican roots! Married to a Frenchman and now living in France with our 2 little children. After 8 years of living and working in Bath, South West England we moved back to Lannion, Brittany in July 2010. This is where we first met almost 10 years ago when we were both on work placements from University. Francois came back to England with me in 2001 to look for work while I finished my degree. He settled in Bath and I joined him once I graduated. We married in Bath in 2006 and started our little family in 2008.”

The blog starts off in July 2010 with 24 hours to go…. and Michelle getting absolutely fed up with people asking her… “Are you all packed?”

Packed or not, the family arrive in France (or Brittany to be exact; and we all know that Brittany is not really France, it’s better than that!) after Le Voyage! to have a nice French breakfast at Mc Dos before the 1st visit to the new house.

Destination Brittany

Deux Matelots en Bretagne


Reviewed – January 10, 2010

enbellefrance is Ann J’s blog. Ann J describes herself as Welsh, ex-pat and enjoying life in Brittany, France.

Nothing wrong with that!

When I first came across Ann’s blog I realised that I was not alone; someone else suffered from the same disease as me…

Raging exlamitamitious, that is – which as you all know is that nasty habit of finishing off post titles with an exclamation mark.

There are lots of exclamation marks on enbellefrance! Some posts have more than one!!

The blog starts off on 1st January 2008 with the words… “Well, here I am, doing something that I really didn’t intend to do, but the more time I spend digging about on line the more it seems to be the ‘in’ thing to have a blog, and why should I be different (!!) though I really can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in my quite average life, but then again perhaps the bits about France will tempt visitors along now and then – here’s hoping!!”

I hope you noticed; One sentence – four exclamation marks. Good grief, the woman’s almost as bad as me!!!

Eric DUHAN is the Artist on the edge – I am an Irishman, you can decide if the word artist applies. I live in Brittany on the edge of Europe where I have a shop selling Irish and other high quality wearing apparel. I am a watercolorist who has the chance to exposes his work in Saint-Malo and I

France 2010-2011 – Hey, I’m Max, you should probably know that because I’m inviting you people to this damn blog. Anyway, in case you don’t already know, I’m in France this year! Yes, it’s true. I’m staying in a small city in Brittany called Lannion. I’ll be there until July… something… Point is, I’m gone for a while. I love music, so keep me up to date on that!


French Fancy

Reviewed – January 18, 2010

French Fancy is the blog of a Londoner who moved to Brittany seven years ago.

And…. her Dad was in Carry on up the Khyber, which makes her all right in my book!

But there’s more to French Fancy than being the blog of the daughter of a famous dad.

It is full of well categorised articles that range from the Arty Crafty through Introspection to Youth!

I suggest that you start at the beginning with How We Ended Up In Brittany and then progress to the article about the Marquis de Sade (an all encompassing blog, this is!)

Most of the time (when not dealing with the wicked Marquis, that is), the blog details the peaceful life of its author who does admit to… “occasionally yearn for a bit of noise, the smell of car fumes and vomit on the pavement.”

Well, don’t we all – or is that something that only happens to ex-Londoners?

French France – A little sneaky preview into our fairly drastic move from a little village 5 minutes from crazy Brighton in the UK to a run down old cottage in very sleepy rural southern Brittany, Saint Grave, to be precise.

French Letters

French Village Life.

Galloping Gourmets

Reviewed – June 2, 2010

Galloping Gourments is the blog of a girl called… Galloping Gourmets!

I’m not sure I’m all that partial to parents calling their offspring by weird and wonderful names; I can’t remember if it was David Bowie or Frank Zappa that started the craze but I suppose it’s better to be called Galloping rather than Zowie or Moonchild?

Having said that, I spent the first 16 years of my life believing that my first name was You smelly b*stard, so who am I to comment?

Moving swiftly along….. Galloping Gourmets (who, for the sake of brevity I will call GG from now on. Actually, as you will see, GG is quite a suitable name for her!) says of herself… “I was born in South West England and came to Central Brittany, France nearly 10 years. I live in a quiet rural area surrounded by peaceful and beautiful countryside. I live with my partner Mr Tomato King, 2 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat and 3 hens.”

Gauguin’s Loft – Melanie Mcdonald, Contemporary Coastal Artist from Cornwall U.K. An artist’s blog. I moved from Cornwall to Brittany, where I’m painting, renovating an 18th Century farm and planning to build my dream art studio. Here are my tales of paintings inspire

George East in France

Reviewed – December 4, 2009

George East has his website hidden at the cunningly named… George East in France – subtle but, to the point!

I almost wasn’t going to add this site.

This is because I don’t actually believe that George East exists.

I think that one day an eager publisher’s clerk suggested a series of books about life in France because some other publisher had had some success with A Year in Provence and thus, the idea of George East was born.

My theory is that once a year, some poor work experience student is locked in a cupboard with 5 kilos of Camembert, 20 Gallons of wine and told to stay there until they have written the next George East book.

Gite in Brittany

jardinmiranda – All about gardening, wildlife – and ideas from my experiences of living in Brittany….


Leah en France Part Trois – This is about my ca-razy experiences in Rennes, France as an English teacher and American!

La Cheshire Cat

Reviewed – February 23, 2010

La Cheshire Cat is, according to the label on the tin… “A Single Mum’s struggles, gaffes and triumphs dealing with the gaucherie that is French Bureaucracy”

But, of course, it’s really much, much more than than.

La Cheshire Cat follows on from Kitty’s old blog at kittychat.blogspirit.com and….

I can tell that Kitty is a bit of a foodie.

Really, the links on the sidebar of her rather pink blog did give this away but…

Lesley Roy’s Year Abroad Blog – Lesley Roy in a few words = 20, University of Edinburgh, French, Spanish, festivals, coloured pens, biscuits, brunette, watching foreign films, listening to music, reading books, FASHION, Paris, sleeping, cooking, travelling, talking loudly, social networking, clubbing, talking on the phone, friends new and old, Apple, shopping, politics, trashy TV, kissing, eating out, restaurants,cocktails, gossip, the Meadows, tall, ambitious, Greggs the Bakers, family, smiling, driving,

Life in Brittany – Jean Wild – Living a good life in Brittany and recording the best bits and some times the tribulations.

Life in France – This is the blog of Ann Prior who has been living in France for some 20 years or so.   This is the place where I write about my life here through cooking, gardening, travelling and being a wife and grandmother.  I live in the beautiful Cotes d’Amor region with my husband and dog.

Living in 22 – Brittanygirl – I live in Brittany with my animals. My family are in England and I see them fairly often, usually when they come here. I play short mat bowls, take photographs, listen to Mozart, write short stories and children’s poetry, have just finished renovating – well overseeing the renovation – of a house, longere and garage with studio over. Love cooking and eating well, especially my own produce. My first three years in Brittany I did have pigs and sheep which were destined for the freezer after happy lives. I have three adult children and one beautiful small grandson who live in Cornwall.

Living in Brittany

Ma Vie à Rennes – Rosie – Rennes, Bretagne, France – 6 months in France. 5500 miles from home. A new language on my tongue. An entirely different world. An entirely different life.

Ma vie en Breton

Ma Vie est Belle

Maya’s Window – A bird, called Maya from Philippines, who migrated to France. Nesting in Bretagne region with her Breton love & 3 younglings.

Mr Tomato King – MR TOMATO KING – The ramblings of an amateur tomato grower!

My Brittany – This is my personal Blog, where I will talk about my life in Brittany.

One + One = 4

Reviewed – September 8, 2010

One + One = 4 A French Way of Life is a blog that I’ve been trying to review since forever (or, for rather a long time, anyway!)

For some reason though, I’ve never actually got round to it!

So today is a good day for me – I get to finally review one of my favourite Life in France blogs.

As Morgane is French I thought that perhaps I’d find out….

Permaculture in Brittany

Reviewed – December 3, 2009

Permaculture in Brittany is another blog about sustainable living. This sort of approach to life interests me and is, of course, far easier to do if you live in Brittany rather than, for example, Peckham or Newham.

Stuart and Gabrielle’s blog about their lives in the Côtes d’Armor is witty, well written and full of interesting content. It isn’t categorised but, that just makes you want to dive in and find those articles that might be of interest.

Like all good blogs, there are articles about mushrooming; this is one blog that’s dying to be converted into a book – really!

There’s more information on this site than in most books you’ll find in your local bookshop or library.

I have to admit that I’d never really been interested in Broody Hen Behaviour and other Chickeny Mysteries but….

Petit Minou en Bretagne

Reviewed – June 17, 2010

Petit Minou en Bretagne is Petit Minou’s blog about her life in Brittany with her husband and her two daughters. Not to mention their two Ouessant sheep, their chickens, geese, ducks and seven cats!

As well as trying out new recipes using freshly grown veggies, trying to keep up with the weeding and the the garden Petit Minou also has two Gites – more details can be seen here at… www.labassemeslerais.com

OK, so you’ve done the introduction – let’s have some poultry please!

Well, if you insist!

Quelvehin Alpagas

Reviewed – October 4, 2010

I thought it was about time for another review of a blog based in the part of France that I have chosen to call home – Brittany.

I hunted around for an interesting blog by someone (anyone, in fact) who is based in Brittany and isn’t totally mad.

After 27 hours I gave up and decided to review a blog about some Quelvehin Alpagas who happen to live in Brittany.

Quelvehin Alpagas is the blog of a bunch of Alpagas (I think they probably have got some tame humans to type up the blog – but then again, finding a tame human in Brittany is probably as easy as finding a sane human in Brittany…)

Quimper Club International – The love of Quimper pottery, a tin-glazed earthenware which has been produced in western Brittany, France for over 300 years, is international.  The Quimper Club International is a not- for- profit organisation and today has over 250 members in half-a-dozen countries and includes the leading authors, dealers, and collectors in the field among its members.  The Club welcomes everyone who is interested in French faïence: Quimper, CA, Desvres, Malicorne and Rouen.

Relocation to France made easy – Information about a stress-free relocation and day-to-day life in France. Out and about in Brittany. French traditions, testimonials from expats living in France and much more info about France!

Rosies Kitchen

Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany – Our blog is a mixture of articles about Brittany, France, Ferries, fun of running a holiday Gite, long-running renovation of the second Gite, website creation hints and ideas, and general cool stuff I like!

Sarah Sejours en France


Sophie’s Photography

Reviewed – November 5, 2010

Sophie’s Photography is one of my most treasured recent finds!

I came across Sophie a couple of week ago whilst just browsing and became immediately addicted.

It’s the quality of the photographs, you see….

It also helps that Sophie photographs the part of France that I have chosen to make my home, Brittany (where God comes for his holidays when he is bored with heaven!)

Sophie had this to say about herself by way of introduction… “Sophie de Roumanie : I studied Fine Arts and Photography at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. in the 80′s. After several years of working and exhibiting my paintings on both sides of the Atlantic, I came back to Europe and settled in France.”

Spered Breizh Ouessants – “Qui voit Molène, voit sa peine ; qui voit Ouessant, voit son sang ; qui voit Sein, voit sa fin ; qui voit Groix, voit sa croix.”

Teutonic Plague – WEM – Sometimes I am in America and sometimes not. Lately, I’ve been in France…

The Life of Ben – I am a French dog called Ben, I don’t have a pedigree, my mum was a very nice looking sort of Collie, and my Dad was a French Berger Picardie, it appears that I look very much like my Dad so people recognise me as a French Berger. I live in the south of Brittany on the edge of a very pretty town. This is my story

The Other Side of Me

Reviewed – April 29, 2010

The Other Side of Me is Peu Loufoque’s blog. I happen to know that Peu Loufoque wasn’t christened Peu Loufoque which, I guess is a lucky thing for her as it means… a little crazy.

Mind you…….

Like me, Peu Loufoque lives in Brittany. I’m not sure what that means but what I do know is that PL (as I shall call her from now on) is artistic and produces hand painted ceramic tiles and designs – as can be seen from her other site… www.unpeuloufoque.com – I am not in the slightest bit artistic although…. many people have commented on my tasteful cow pat arrangements.

Moving swiftly along….

The Third Life of Caroline V – Caroline VIDICAN – Quimper, Finistere 29000, France – Retired and free to indulge my passion for the countryside and the seashore in the Finistere, France, and for manual crafts: painting, knitting and pottery.

Toast du Jour – An américaine ex-pat and her random musings about life in France.

Tom’s Tidbits – The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my adventures in France as a Fulbright Scholar during the fall, 2010. I hope to write about everything from my research at the University of Rennes, to living experiences, food (especially food), travels, entertainment, church, and people. I hope you will join me as I try to give you a unique perspective of my experiences, thoughts, and insights as I submerge myself into the French culture.

Total Hilarity – This blog is all about me – Hilary Hallas – my day to day life, husband, family, animals, hobbies – anything at all in fact that I am currently doing or thinking about that I think deserves a mention, other people do it so why not me!

Touring in Britanny – Touring in Britanny

If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in Brittany, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

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