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basse normadie  Mr Lemurs French Folly   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceMr Lemur’s French Folly is Marcus Quinn’s blog about leaving Coventry (I can understand that bit), packing wife and two daughters into a car and moving to France, renovating a stone farmhouse and setting up a small business in France.

There is, it has to be said, quite a lot about sheds in this blog!

But please don’t let that put you off!

You know, I was in two minds about how to review this blog because Marcus’s wife also has a blog which covers some of the same ground but from a different angle.

I didn’t know whether to review Marcus’s blog or Cheeky Lemur (his lovely wife’s blog.)

In the end I tossed a coin and it came up heads and so I’ll have to review Cheeky Lemur at a later date.

Actually, that last bit is a bit of a lie as Mrs A Taste of Garlic has been going through my pockets and taking care of my coins for me (on the grounds that I’d only spend them on wine, women and song!)

I’m not sure how much wine, women and song she thinks I’d get for 63 centimes but, anyway, I have had to resort to that age old Breton tradition of tossing a lump of semi-dry horse crotte instead!

It came down splodgy side up and thus, Marcus won. Oh, we have simple pleasures in rural Brittany.

But, I’m waffling again (a sign of imminent old age or premature Alzheimer’s – or a combination of the two!) and I really ought to get on with the job in hand; namely, reviewing Mr Lemur’s French Folly!

Starting at the beginning….

It all starts with The Master Plan.  It’s handy to have one of those when you’re planning to do something really crazy!  Here is an extract from Marcus’s master plan… “So here it is, the master plan. Take one family living in Coventry, England and transplant them lock stock and two smoking barrels to rural France. Simple? How hard can it be?”


Marcus then follows that up with The Project and the words.. “Well here it is complete with roof, windows, walls and stuff.  How Hard can it be to finish off the twiddly bits!”

Hmmmm (again!)…..

I don’t really want to suggest that it might have been quicker if Marcus had popped down to Leroy Merlin like the rest of us but, I do have to say, it’s pretty nice door that he’s built!  That’s really what I call Making an Entrance!

The House…

You see, when you are renovating a house, I always say that it is best to use some Good Old Fashioned Housing Joints.

That way, when you get up to some More First Floor Antics (on birthdays, high days and holidays, one assumes?) you’re less likely to end up in a crumpled pile in the cellar.

Take my advice… When you are renovating a house, Step One: Put in the upstairs.

But enough of the house, let’s go see The Shed!

The Shed….

When Marcus says… Oooer mi noggins, you know, I haven’t got the faintest idea what he’s on about!

Still, he seems to know what he’s doing as, before you can say “Tottenham Hotspurs for the Cup!” he’s Raising the Roof and then It’s a Shed!

And then, you can say… Life is like a box of chocolates – and so is the shed!

And to cap it all…. if your look very carefully at Catchup, you’ll see that the shed even has window boxes!  Now, isn’t that nice?

But, you know, I’m not surprised as Marcus does seem to be rather a fan of Shed Living.

The other stuff….

When not busy building doors or sheds, La Famille Lemur do have some fun.

There’s sledging in The Sisters Sledge and there are Lazy Friday’s in the snow!

There’s even a trip to Honfleur.

And there is Life, Work and Jewellery for when all that shed building gets to be too much!

Now, Marcus might jest when he says Obsessive? Me? but, how many men do you know who publish an entire blog post just to prove that the carved beam that they’ve just installed is absolutely level?

So, summing up….

This blog is the tale of one man’s determination to do Leroy Merlin out of their 65 euros by building his own front door and, as if that wasn’t enough, to build the poshest shed in Basse-Normandie!

If you ever harbor the slightest inkling of being tempted to even consider the merest possibility of potentially embarking on a spot of DIY, you should certainly visit Mr Lemur’s French Folly!

And me?  Well, I’m going to do a spot of Winding Down and then I might be ready for a visit to The L’il Old House on the Prairie.

Care to join me?

All the best

basse normadie  Mr Lemurs French Folly   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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