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basse normadie  10 years + in the merde!   because we all love reading blogs about life in France is the blog of Andy who says that he is… “An English man who married a French woman and is now destined for a complicated life.  Together for 10 years, but only actually living together for 4, our life has not been easy. It is going to get a hell of a lot more difficult with our new adventure in Normandy!  With two kids under the age of four and another baby due just a few months after we arrive, I want to share our crazy story with the rest of the sane world.  This is not a year in the merde; this is 10 years and counting!”


This should be an interesting one, then?

Where to start/

How about with SNCF – what does it mean?

For Andy it means Surely Not Customer Friendly!

I do warn you that that post does contain beeped out swear words!

Train journeys we have known and loved….

Andy doesn’t seem to have much luck on the train.

But the pain that he suffers, as seen in By train out of Normandy, is pure blissful entertainment for us!

What should have been a simple train ride from Carentan to the Midlands turns into a Mr Bean script that has been rejected because it’s too unbelievable!

And in Where is home? Andy reveals that… “although I love train travel, I hate train travel.”

That revelation does come, I do have to admit, after many delays and a few operating problems; perhaps there were the wrong type of leaves on the track?

We’ll fight them on the beaches…..

I was hoping to find lots of information here about the D Day Landings but, instead,  found that posts such as Battle of the Bulge was more about gardening that gunfire.

Although, I do have to say that it was very informative and interesting!

Especially the bit about Tom running out of petrol (Tom is the ride on mower; I don’t know why he’s called Tom – we’ve got one and like most people we call ours… “Start you Bl**dy B*stard!  You worthless piece of Sh*t!” I thought everyone did?) – and I didn’t know that thing about the Germans running out of fuel in the Ardennes in 1944 either!

In Ride Em Cowboy we learn a bit more about Tom and his strange owner.

I would appear that Andy thinks that his ride on lawnmower is a Panzer Tank.

Which I find rather strange because when I ride mine (when it starts – and when Mrs A Taste of Garlic lets me…), it’s definitely an Armored Personnel Carrier?

And even more strange is that when Andy is on his Panzer (or APC – whatever) he has a tendency to shout… “ride me you cow!”

Which, as he himself admits, is… “Probably not the best thing to say to your au pair; especially when your wife is working four hours away!”

However, in Normandy Battlefield Stories Andy doesn’t mention gardening once, you ‘ll be glad to hear.

The customer files….

I was thinking about The X Files the other day and wondered if the writers of that series had ever run a Gite or a B&B?

The aliens visiting…

But not for long….

Long enough to cause havock….

Before going back to their own planets leaving you to wonder….

Was that real?

In A new front opens, Andy describes his first visitors to Ivy House, his gite and B&B business, and the story ends up with the entertainment, 2 paratroopers in authentic world war 2 American Airborne uniforms, turning up late.

Now, they say that us lot in Backwards Brittany are strange but I do have to say…

You should just take a look at Nutty Normandy!

Another Mr Bean sketch can be found in If only I could bottle it where Andy had to explain to his American guests that when he a spot of Risk it was the board game he was referring to rather than a swingers’ party!

Probably just as well as Andy does admit that… “I am probably not a convincing liar as well as having a bad memory, learning difficulties and smelling of garlic sausage.”

The English guests turn out to be very polite (I’m sure the Americans were too!) and didn’t once mention the strange smell of garlic sausage that was following Andy wherever he went!

And over drinks and a discussion about the lack of guns in British houses (see what I mean about the Normans?  Here in rural Brittany the only acceptable topics of evening drinks conversation are fosse septiques and whar the pig has been up to…), Andy admit that being in the hospitality business Beats working for a living!

So, summing up….

I rather think that 10 years + in the merde! is going to be a blog that will be well worth following.

There’s another child to add to the day to day.

Yes, Loick was born after a strange and very entertaining drive through the snow (alright probably more entertaining for us that for Andy and his wife Emma!)

Although he claims it’s Snow Laughing Matter I do have to admit to having a giggle or two.

But then, I’ll never have to have a baby (or have Andy drive me through the snow with the handbrake on in order to get to hospital to do so!)

And, if none of that makes sense, just pop over to 10 years + in the merde! have a poke around!

And me?  Well, I’m, going to Keep my mouth shut just in case I get tempted by any of that Junk Food!

All the best

basse normadie  10 years + in the merde!   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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