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A Place in the Auvergne“A PLACE IN THE AUVERGNE was a one year project (2008) to make a photo diary of one year in the Auvergne, mixed with news that interested me personally, taken from the IHT.”

This blog has been inactive since June 4, 2009

Bérets, Baguettes, and Bureaucracy

Reviewed – February 2, 2011

Bérets, Baguettes, and Bureaucracy is Allison’s blog that she started, to use her own words… “as a way to be in touch with my family and friends when I moved to France to be with my (now) husband. Now, at the urging of many readers, I hope to expand it to include useful information about my life in France, including new recipes, travels and general experiences in a foreign country.”

The blog started in June 2010 with the post… Why I started a blog… with Allison starting her new life in France in Paris.

The post from that month that stands out for me is To market, to market! where Allison buys a welcome mat for her apartment!

And then it’s Goodbye, Paris when Fabien, Allison’s fiance, gets a job in Clermont-Ferrand.

Biscuits to Baguettes

Reviewed – January 30, 2011

Having only moved over here on the 6th of January, Biscuits to Baguettes is still a very new blog.

That’s why I’m doing a mini-review of it here today.

Biscuits to Baguettes is Leigh and Bruce’s blog about their move to Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne.

Leigh says of her blog… “My husband and I are living as expats in Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE for 2 years. This site is way for me to share our experiences with family and friends and, most likely, be my photo journal of our time here.”

The French part of the blog starts with Nous sommes ici! (We are here!) with Leigh and Bruce arriving in France with, of course, their Roaming Gnome!

I wish I’d had a Roaming Gnome when I moved to France.

Things would have probably been so much easier for me?

Blog La Jonchère

Reviewed – June 25, 2010

Blog La Jonchère is a blog that I couldn’t fail to review.

For, not only does it have a fantastic post about that identifiably French thing that, every time we see it, we think “Ah, yes France” (and I’m not talking the Eiffel tower here!) – the Citroen 2CV!

But, there’s also a post about the British attempt to copy the 2CV – the Humber Hawk.

Now, it is my firm belief that the Humber Hawk totally failed to replace the 2CV in our affections as the chicest car around for the following 3 reasons….

1). Humber didn’t go to France to find a beret wearing world class designer for the car.

2). Instead, they gave the job to Derek from Scunthorpe because he was on work experience (and thus cheap) and also because he was the Managing Director’s nephew (yes, the British car industry used to work like that!) and finally…

3). Because you could order one in any colour you wanted, as long as it was grey!

Brent, Jackie and Mikaela

Reviewed – February 2, 2011

Brent, Jackie and Mikaela is the blog of Brent Russell, his wife Jackie and their daughter Mikaela.

Now, as you all know, Brent is a famous rugby player who even has his own Wikipedia page!

The blog starts in September 2008 with Just started and comes to life, in my eyes anyway, in October of that year when Brent says.. Bonjour… having just moved to Clermont-Ferrand to join the world famous rugby club.

Initially Jackie stays in London but she manages to come over for a week’s break in the South of France and together they visit… Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes and Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Not bad going, eh?

C’est Bon

Reviewed – January 30, 2011

C’est Bon is another blog that came across looking at Auvernge blogs to review.

It has only been going for 9 months and doesn’t have many posts but I thought I’d do a mini-review of it to introduce it to anyone who might be interested.

C’est Bon tell the tale of the Weeks family who moved to France in April 2010. The opening post, Moving to France, I guess need a blog, evaluates the fundamental phraseology and philosophy behind the legal requirement for all foreigners moving to France to have a blog.

From there we rush forward to August when it’s time for the Tour de France which the Weeks family view from Mende in the Languedoc.

The then go to the beach at Montpellier and from there have a lovely dinner in Millau.

The highlight must surely have been a visit to Roquefort – the home of the finest cheese in the world!

Coffee or Tea

Reviewed – January 29, 2011

Busy hunting out blogs to review in the Auvergne I came across Coffee or Tea.

Coffee or Tea is Jenn’s blog and Jenny has only recently moved to Cleremont-Ferrand to study at Group ESC which, in her own words… “It’s a Ecole Superior du Commerce, which is like a university, except…more specialized.”

Jenny says of herself…. “I’m a small-town girl with some Big time dreams! I’m moving to the big city, or bigger than mine, to follow the big dreams in life, and on this road, I’m learning about decisions!”

The French part of Jenny’s blog starts on January 12th when Jenny announces that she’s Traded my Sorority Screams for French Kisses.

In that post, Jenny moves to France and discovers all those things that make France the greatest country in the world!

Namely… Banana and Nutella Crepes, Babyfoot, drinking lots of coffee in cafés and, basically…. trading her “girly loud, American sorority greetings for quiet and polite kisses on the cheek”

What a great start to a blog!

First Steps

Reviewed – January 29, 2011

First Steps is a slow moving but still rather exciting blog all about Simon and Angela’s leap to a life in France.

Angela says this of her blog…. “Simon works for Sainsbury’s as a Department Manager has a multi-million pound turn over annually on his department and works all hours God sends. I am Events Monkey. I call myself that, as my actual title is unknown!! Just responsible for any event, function, conference, meeting etc.,etc., that happens on the campus where I work. I’d be better being called an Events Elephant, as I’m paid peanuts and expected to work all hours known to man. This is the tale of how we decided to take the massive step to living a totally different life. Selling our home in England and moving to a fantastic little village in the Auvergne, including some of our adventures along the way.”

I’ve been following the blog for a while and even though its only had 24 post since April 2009, every post has been well worth reading and I do have to admit that I’m quite a fan!

Footprints in the Sand

Reviewed – February 3, 2011

Footprints in the Sand is Barbara’s blog.

Barbara says of her blog… “Well what can I say. I am a small town girl from Arizona who found the man of her dreams in South Carolina. We got married in June of 2008 and are now living and working in France. Our son was born in November 2009. We love to travel and I am writing this blog as a way to keep my friends and family informed of all the things happening on this side of the ocean.”

The blog starts way back in April 2008 with the first post, The journey begins which finds Barbara still in the States and performing an 1,828 mile round trip in 3 days to say goodbye to friends.

And only a few days later we find Barbara in France and saying …Bonjour Clermont-Ferrand.

In which post Barbara describes the journey over to France and finishes up by letting us know… “And now let me give you my intercultural tidbit of the day: in France preservatives means condoms, so when asking for food without preservatives rest assured that 99.9% of food is condom free, instead ask for food without conservatives and you will get less strange looks!”

Useful stuff, that!

However, as a child of the Thatcher years, I think I’d prefer to find a bit of condom in my meat pie rather than a speck of Tory?

Flidstick Dig – Dig – My home is in the Auvergne, France – Former ski bum, wanna-be dog sled musher, and lazy runner living in the West Virginia of France

France Rant“Having been eclectic in the extreme for much of my life, I’m now finding a way to balance doing several things at once with really doing them.”

This blog has been inactive since January 10, 2011

Keith & Clare Channing’s Blog

Reviewed – February 4, 2011

Now, this really has to be a mini review even if it is one of the biggest blogs I’ve ever seen!

Keith & Clare Channing’s parking space on the Information Super-highway (you see, it’s even got a massive title) started off in November 2006 with the appropriately titled Welcome to our weblog, in which Keith talks about redundancy, taking early retirement and making plans to move to France.

The next day Clare asks (and answers) the question Why here?

I’ll leave you to read the answer but I ought to mention that I read somewhere that the Auvergne is the least anglophiled (or Anglodefiled?) region of France – interesting to find out why people move there apart from the obvious Michelin, Rugby and University reasons of Clerment-Ferrand.

But, I digress.

Let the World Change You

Reviewed – January 28, 2011

Still in the Auvergne, I’ve got a number of sites to review today.

These are going to be mini reviews because some of the sites haven’t been updated for a long time and others have only just started.

So, let’s start off with Let the world change you…

A long time ago, in June 2006, Julia went to work for the Peace Corps in Cape Verde and started a blog to let people know about what was going on.

Then, in September 2008, she came back to the States and stopped updating the blog.

Life as a pastry newbie

Reviewed – January 26, 2011

Life as a pastry newbie is Elaine’s blog about her experiences of starting a new career in pastries by going to pastry school in Yssingeaux which is about an hour and a half away from Lyon.

The blog starts in October 2010 when Elaine says Bonjour from France.

And then it’s Start of pastry school and Elaine starts to learn all about… “costing, drawing, hygiene and security and something they call food technology.”

Our Auverngate Farm

Reviewed – January 27, 2011

Our Auverngate Farm is Kristel Sneider’s blog about her life in her farmhouse in the Auvergne.

Kristel says this about Our Auverngate Farm…. “Hope you will enjoy Our Auvergne Farm House blog. This Blog will contain stories, anecdotes and photos from (F) Fab, -French- and (K) Kris -Dutch- about their new house. A farm house in the middle of the Auvergne. They have a dog (D) Django and two cats (C) Cammy & (E) Elly. And soon the new puppy: Fudge.
The purpose of this Blog is to provide family, friend and every passing visitor updates and inside stories about the renovations and the French life at ‘Thuis’.”

Kristel is a Nature and Landscape photographer and has a professional site at www.kristelschneiderphotography.com where, I have to say, she has some fantastic photos of mushrooms!

Perhaps I need to take some lessons from her?

The Cabes in France

Reviewed – February 23, 2011

The Cabes in France is a blog that I should have reviewed yonks ago!

The blog tells the story of Kim and her husband who move to Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France to….

Well, I’m sure that Kim can explain it better than me…. “I am the wife of a Michelin expat (Matthew), and mom to Jacob, living in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This blog is a way for me to share our adventures abroad with family and friends.”

Now, I first noticed the blog when young Jacob arrived onto the scene but, further investigation shows that plenty happened in Kim and Mathew’s Lives before that happy date!

The Foreigner in France

Reviewed – January 30, 2011

The Foreigner in France is Bre’s blog about her six month study trip to Clermont-Ferrand.

The blog starts in September 2010 with “The Foreigner in France” and Bre getting ready to leave Michigan for the Auvergne.

Then, in Planes, food and sleep, Bre arrives in France

Eleven hours sleep followed by a good walk – what better way to prepare for a new life of frog’s legs and andouilettes?

Monday arrives and it’s an Exposition and First Day of School.

All goes well (apart from getting lost and a little bit of trouble with her keys!)

And, before you know it, it’s the Weekend!

Starting with Friday night and meeting friends in a bar to watch the rugby (+ 1 brownie point!)

Followed by Saturday and another bar and then a club (+2 brownie points!)

And concluded on Sunday with a hangover! (+3 brownie points!)

If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in the Auvergne, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

 Auvergne   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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