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aquitaine  Writing Home   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceWriting Home is SueJ’s blog about her life in the Lot at Garonne.

SueJ explains that the blog came about (and was aptly titled) because… “In the 1970’s I lived in Brazil and I wrote home to my mother in the UK every week. Those letters became the story of my life there. In 2007 I moved to south west France. Not quite sure where “home” is, I have no family left in the UK. If I did, these words would be my letters home, capturing the first impressions of my life here, to share, enjoy and perhaps re-read in years to come.”

Bearing that in mind, I diving in for a good poke around.

The first thing that I saw was that this is one of those blogs with interesting blog post titles.

You know the sort of thing….

Posts like I have Become a Mouse Murderer (don’t worry, Sue only kills four, there are no pictures and she doesn’t eat them – at least, if she does eat them she doesn’t provide a recipe!)

or I’ve Fallen in Love with A HyperMarket (mainly about food shopping which, come to think about it, is really the only sensible sort of shopping to do!)

Interestingly titled blog posts…..

I mean, what would you expect from a blog post entitled Ooooff?  Yup, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all about SueJ grumping at Tod, Vita and friends with Tod cooking and Vita barking.

Which was kind of a relief as Ooooff is exactly the sort of sound that Mrs A Taste of Garlic makes when the cod liver oil finally kicks in – she does suffer somewhat from her bowels, you know.  The poor dear, she’s a martyr to her blockages!

Still, for the sake of decency, lets move swiftly on….

SueJ reckons that Ooohh, Uuuummm, Aaahhh, Mmmmmm is …. “the sound of someone eating warm, perfumed, sweet (so sweet) apricot straight off the tree.”

And that, in a way, is also a relief as it just happens to be the sound that Mrs A Taste of Garlic makes when she is sitting on the latrine, waiting for the cod liver oil to kick in.   Her intestines have got the doctors totally confused, you know.

And, whilst we’re on the subject of bottommy stuff…. SueJ has written a lovely post about Fosse Septiques, wisely entitled… Those of a Nervous Distposition : Do Not Read!

Of course, I read it with relish.  For anyone who enjoys spending much of the afternoon peering down two sludge filled holes, this post is a real joy!

Talking of sludge filled holes… SueJ uses the word Pootling to describe just pottering around catching up with gossip on the forums whereas here at the international  headquarters of A Taste of Garlic Towers enterprises, Pootling tends to mean… “that act of slowly rushing, with clenched buttocks, towards the nearest toilet when it has been realised that the cod liver oil is seconds (nay, fractions of seconds) away from kicking in!”

This is quite a cheerful blog, isn’t it?

Of course it is.  Just take a look at these Reasons to be Cheerful.  If you can smile during the “Wettest spring for years, if not centuries” then life cant be too bad.

And SueJ tends to sum up that feeling in I have no words… Non, ni moi!

And who else could describe the worst storm in the south-west of France since Spurs won an away match (well, perhaps not quite that long!) with the phrase…. Joy of Joys…?  Only a happy optimist, that’s for sure!

The sort of person, in other words, who would start a blog posts with the words… “Joy of joys – went to the seaside yesterday!”

Just as SueJ starts Sand between my toes.

Anything about the weather?

Well, I do think that it’s a fundamental requirement for a Life in France blog to mention the weather at some point!

And, in this respect, Writing Home doesn’t disappoint.

Best summed up, perhaps, by At Last! You can just feel the warmth of summer with “Wheat fields that are bleached the colour of light sand.”

Then again, Through the Window shows a totally different side of France.

But you can never tell!  In Summer – South West France we see SueJ having “Hot soup for lunch and wearing two sweaters.”

Sounds a bit like a Breton Summer, if you ask me!

But, I do have to admit, that in Brittany it is rare that we can complain about No Rain!

Then again, So, Summing up….

This is truly the blog of someone who has been blessed by The God of Small Stuff.

Little observations about  big, big life that seems to be measured in terms of contentment rather than material gain.

And, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

Why don’t you pop over to take a look at Writing Home.

I somehow don’t think that you’ll be disappointed!

And me?  Well, I’m going to make some Morning Sounds (we’re trying to be extra polite, here at A Taste of Garlic, today) whilst performing my Morning Ritual.

Mrs A Taste of Garlic thinks I’m egg-bound and has made me take a double dose of Cod Liver Oil.

I don’t know what the result will be but I can feel some Pootling coming on!

All the best

aquitaine  Writing Home   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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