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aquitaine  Radio Free Daglan   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceRadio Free Daglan is Loren’s blog about his life (with his wife) in the Périgord Noir.

Loren contacted me by mail to let me know about his blog (believe me folks, if you want your blog reviewed, that approach almost always works) and this is what he had to say…

“Good day, I thought you might be interested in the blog I created when I moved to Daglan, earlier this summer.

My wife (originally Scottish) and I (originally American) became Canadian citizens, lived in Toronto for many years, and decided to retire to France. We bought our home in Daglan (in the Périgord Noir) about six years ago.

My blog is called Radio Free Daglan, and it can be reached at http:/loren24250.wordpress.com I write almost every day, some short items, some longer. Usually with a photo or two. Often the topic is food, but I provide my observations on many aspects of village life, usually with what I hope is a light touch.”

Now, how could I resist that?

And you know what?

When I investigated Radio Free Daglan, I found that it is a real jewel of a blog!

Dish du Jour….

I’m going to start by looking at Loren’s posts about food.

Partly because he writers so well about it and partly because I’m really rather hungry (now, that makes a change, doesn’t it?)

So,  Garcon, I’ll start with Duck two ways, please.

Now doesn’t that look absolutely scumptialicious?

As the comentator says… “mmm … duck confit … foie gras ….”

Indeed, what more can one say?

Then, for my next course, I think I’ll try the Dish du Jour – a Cassoulet, I believe.

That’ll get the taste bud tingling!

And after that I think I can just squeeze in a tiny little omelette – like the one seen in France gets crackin’

The main course has just got to be Lunch, Franco American style.

Then I think I really ought to try Yet another Cheese.

It would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

I do hope so!

And for dessert I can’t decide which of the Sweets for the sweet to choose so, only one thing for it… I’ll have the lot!

But you know, it’s not all gourmet stuff here in the Dordogne.

Oh no, there’s always….

The Reduced Stress Bits…..

I think we need to start off with A Lesson in Stress Reduction.

Isn’t the little puddy cat sweet?

And if that’s not stress reducing enough, how about we pop over and go and Meet Bunny Meadows.

Ah, I love bunnies – and I really don’t mind how they’re cooked!

I do suggest that if we’re going to take all this reduced stress stuff seriously, we really do need to be Committing to Fitness.

And you know what?

Looking at that photo I think that that is exactly the sort of regime that I need!

And to ensures stress level are the lowest they’ve ever been, how about Four Kisses and a Wedding?

Seems a Bisou guide is just what we need.

The other bits…..

Well, did you know that at Radio Free Daglan you can learn all about French Fashion and Flower Power?

No?  Not a lot of people do!

Bunt don’t tell everyone, we don’t want to let the riff-raff in!

Just tell a few of your closest and most trusted friends about Radio Free Daglan.

After all, it would be Ready, Set, Chaos! if everybody turned up to say… “We’ve reached Daglan.”

So, summing up….

I love coming across new blogs and I really loved coming across Radio Free Daglan

There’s a slightly tongue in cheek factor to this blog and  that appeals to me.

If you like good food, great photos, more good food and a clever commentary, you should amble down and check out Radio Free Daglan.

And me?  Well, there’s A Whiff of Danger in the Autumn Air and as there’s nothing like a little foie gras to top off your beef, I’m off to catch that  The Toronto-Paris-Daglan Express.

Don’t worry, I might even have time for A Lunch in Paris!

All the best

aquitaine  Radio Free Daglan   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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