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aquitaine  I Love Aquitaine   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI Love Aquitaine is Eva’s blog.  Eva is Swedish and she lives in the southwest of France.

She writes about food and other pleasures, places she visits and the people she meets.

This blog really is a tour of Aquitaine life.

The articles range from the very good descriptive What is Aquitaine to one explain the difference between Swedish Christmas dinners (all about Pig – suits me down to the ground – none of that faffing round with a Turkey!) and Christmas Eating in France.

There’s even one rhetorical post…. The winecellar, part of the bare necessities?

But this blog is more than just about food (by the way, have I told you about her recipe for Special French Chestnut Rabbit Stew?)

Until recently Eva used to blog in Swedish (at www.aquitaine.se) which is fine if you speak Swedish – in which case you will know that…..

Jag bor i Aquitaine i sydvästra Frankrike. “God mat och fina viner, det är paradiset på jorden˝, sa redan Henri IV. Jag kan bara hålla med. Här njuter man fortfarande av livets goda, i en speciell stämning full av festglädje och gästfrihet. Aquitaine, det andra södra Frankrike.


I live in Aquitaine in southwestern France. As King Henry IV said “With good food and good wines, it is paradise on earth”. I can only agree with him. Here, you will enjoy the good things in life which are still part of the special local atmosphere, full of festive joy and hospitality. Aquitaine, the other south of France.

Now – I bet you didn’t know that I could do that, did you?

So, although I Love Aquitaine hasn’t got that many posts yet, Eva is not new to posting about the part of France she loves and calls home.

Surprisingly for a girl (especially a Swedish girl), Eva knows a bit about rugby; as shown here… Everyone is crazy about rugby, although Eva does say that “the best part is watching all these tall, muscular men and listening to their strong voices singing basque traditional songs!”

So, that’s where I was going wrong then! I always thought rugby was football for real men and then loads of beer in the clubhouse afterwards (and perhaps, if lucky,  a decent hangover the following day!)

Anyway – enough about my mispent youthwhy not spend a little while looking through I Love Aquitaine and see what you think?

All the best

aquitaine  I Love Aquitaine   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By David, January 14, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

    I like that blog already!!!

  • By Keith Eckstein, January 14, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

    Me too David! It’s just a young blog but I think it could go somewhere. I liked the mole stuff!

    By the way, I’ve taken a quick look at From the City of Lights (http://davidsswamp.blogspot.com) – I’m going to take a better look tomorrow but… I think I need to review it for all the readers of A Taste of Garlic. That’s really no surprise as I like Gator (http://strangegator.blogspot.com) anyway.

    All the best (and thanks for your support)


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