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Dordogne Painting Days - Aquitaine

aquitaine  Dordogne Painting Days   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceNow, to date, An English Artist in Brittany and Perry are the only blogging painters that I’ve done (in the purely non-biblical sense, you understand) so I felt that it was about time that I did another artist here at A Taste of Garlic.

I searched high and low to find a suitable one.

I do have to admit that I used Google to assist me.

I also have to admit that the search phrase “Reclining Nude” did play a part in the decision making process!

Eventually I found what I was looking for, not starving in a Garret in Paris but down in the Aquitaine.

Dordogne Painting Days is Adam Cope’s blog about bus spotting in Peckham.

No, I was only joking there!  Dordogne Painting Days is Adam Cope’s blog about painting and teaching painting in the Dordogne.

So, where are the nudes?

Well, young man (and I assume that it would only be a very immature and rather silly young man who would ask such a personal and crass question), there is much more to art than standing round splashing paint on a canvas whilst ogling a pretty girl reclining on a couch.

Sometimes the girls aren’t actually that pretty (or so I’ve been told!)

Adam’s paintings are serious studies of such serious things as…. Children (his Drawing of and Adolescent seemed typically French to me), Architecture (no real favourites there but, if I had to choose one it would be La Maison Trogoldyte) and Trees.

And, of course, we must forget the paintings of Vines.

Because Vines make Wine and, as we all know, wine makes the world go round!

Indeed, the painting of the Raincloud over Monbazillac makes me want to rush indoors, plonk myself down in front of the fire and open a bottle of Côtes de Bergerac.

Does he do sunflowers?

Well, as it happens, he does.  And he didn’t have to cut of his ear to get good at doing them.

There are a whole series of Sunflower paintings from Sunflowers 1 to Sunflowers 9.

These can be found with together with plenty of other Flower Paintings.

Personally, I think my favourite is Sunflowers – the Last of The Stragglers although I liked Sol en Vivtus immensely as well.

What about all those places and people you know?

The strange thing, for me at least, your experiences may differ, is that looking through Adam’s paintings I sometime see one and think… “I’ve been there” or “I know that man!”

Take this Pen & Ink of an Englishman & Son in Sarlat, 1st July 2009 show on the post entitled… Croquis des Familles en Vacances à Sarlat.

Now, I don’t know what that man was doing in the Dordogne in July 2009 because he was also my local Super-U in deepest Brittany;  I’ve still got the scars on my ankle where he clipped me with his Maclaren buggy whilst rushing to the wine aisle.

And these market scenes could be from my local one at Redon.

In fact, this Bedroom Slipper Salesman does have a stall at the Monday morning market at Redon!  I bought my Grandpa slippers from him!

And the Honey Salesman – I’ve seen him too!

So, Adam does Painting Holidays too?

Yes, he does.

You can find more details at www.artists-atelier.com or you could just take a look at this post… Painting Courses in France which, I think, sort of really sums it all up.

So, summing up….

Before I say anymore; could you all try to forget that I admitted to wearing Grandpa Slippers – obviously I’m far too young for that and undoubtedly wear something far more trendy indoors (of course, you never doubted that at all, did you?)

Now, whereas most Life in France bloggers detail the parts of their lives that they want to share with words and photos, Adam Cope uses his immense talent to do so with paint.

You know, I’ve only just scratched the surface of this great blog. I suppose that’s because every painting, every drawing demands thorough study – and that takes time.

If you can spare a few minutes (or hours.. or days?) please visit Dordogne Painting Days – I promise that you’ll enjoy every second.

And me?  Well, I’m going to help myself to some Figs and then some Walnuts and then maybe I’l finish off with some Radishes and Beetroot?

All the best

aquitaine  Dordogne Painting Days   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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